To Mask or Not Mask that is the question?

“Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous Republicans, Or do Democrats take arms against a sea of troubles,  And by opposing end them.”  The question still remains, what does the party affiliation have to do with anything?  This virus that I refer to as Ms. CoronaVirus does not care about political affiliation, gender, or age.  She simply wants to infect this whole country and we are squabbling about some material.  Everywhere and I mean everywhere else seems to have gotten her under control except for the United States, we seem to be above doing anything that could save our lives or the lives of many.  China and Korea made mask wearing mandatory and their people followed the advice.  In the following article Dr. Redfield suggests wearing a mask for 4 -6 weeks and we can get this virus under control!  But we don’t want to listen to anyone who has knowledge or at least the letters, MD after their name and I don’t mean mentally disturbed.  Some of us have thoughts their rights are more important than others and see no reason for mandatory mask wearing!!!!  It would seem basic common sense that a mask should be worn. Why? To keep your droplets to yourself and prevent the spread!!! Alas, we are in major denial and will only open our eyes when Ms Virus infects the entire United States!! Not long now, I fear!But who am I? I’m just The Crazy Black Woman!!!