President Trump signed Executive Orders that were beyond his abilities. He conveniently forgot that Congress has to pass the bill and then he signs it.  It’s situations like this that are so numerous to count where I’m grateful for his incompetence and for the advice he gets. What I mean is can you even consider the alternative? Going back to January or February, he listens to Science, and leads by shutting down the nation and during that time we as a country came together to fight this virus. He leads the nation with the War on The Virus and truly becomes a War Time President. He enables the Defense Production Act to make more P.P.E., rapid tests,  ventilators, everything needed to conquer this virus. He would tell his governors to work with their local mayors and CDC to inform encourage residents and  establishments to work from home; insures essential businesses receive enough P.P.E. for their staff; work with businesses to figure out a New Normal. As Americans we would have come together and worked to beat this virus. We would have stuck to the rules: wash our hands, wear a mask, practice social distancing, and stay home. We would figure out the best way for children and teachers to return to  class safely!!!

But alas, reality seeps in and I realize how lucky we are that he did none of  the above or we would definitely have a President Trump for 4 more years. And Joe Biden would not be able to stop it. But who am I, I’m just the Crazy Black Woman???!!!