I arose at 5 sharp ready for the day. I quickly got dressed and went to breakfast and ate hearty. We proceeded to the Metro and every train going east was jammed with marchers!!! It was an amazing and depressing sight as each train passed us by. Eventually we separated and jammed ourselves into a train. When we arrived the sight was staggering.  Wall to wall people making it impossible to get through the sardine packed crowd. I could barely see the speakers never mind hear them but it didn’t matter. My heart was full as I took in this awesome sight and was so happy I came. Today, we women were going to march against the oppressive Republican Party!!! It took forever to get started, so marchers basically took over downtown streets in droves. The best part the people in cars were honking with support. Yes, you heard me in fact I’m getting goosebumps, cars and buses stuck downtown unable to move honking their support!!! A sight that makes me so proud!!! The Woman’s March in Los Angeles was a SMASHING SUCCESS!!! We are united in the resistance and if I was the Republican Party I’d be very scared right now!!! We’ve only just begun, but who am I, I’m just the Crazy Black Woman!!!


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