OMG!!! Biden has chosen Kamala Harris to be his  VP!!!  I am through the roof to know that the next Vice President of the United States of America will be a Black Woman. She has been a role model to so many women of color.  It was a solid choice but it was not an easy one, there were so many contenders it would be unfair to not give them a mention. Unlike most male presidential candidates considering a female VP, Biden was implored to consider a woman of color!  The first thought is who could be considered? The list is longer than you think but these ladies were the final contenders.

Stacy Abrams from Georgia who was defeated by Kemp for governor. She may have lost that race but is hell bent on voting and preventing voter suppression. Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta who issued a mandate for masks and was sued by the governor for it. Karen Bass is a Physician who is a member of the Black Caucus and has been in the house since 2013. Val Demings a former police officer and later  Chief of Police has been in office since 2017. Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran,  who is a Purple Heart recipient  was among the first handful of Army women to fly combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freed. Susan Rice, an ambassador was the youngest ever assistant to the Secretary of State before becoming Obama’s national security advisor security.

Call me crazy but they were pretty impressive, capable and qualified and did we just open up Pandora’s Box of Female Possibilities for the future? Maybe so? But who am I, I’m just the Crazy Black Woman!!!