OMG!!!   Since the inception of the Corona Virus (Covid 19)  I have thought long and hard  about what Hillary’s response to Covid 19 would be.  I pretty much figure she would have taken Obama’s playbook and in November sent the Drs. to China and prevented exposure here.  But let’s play Devil’s Advocate and say she didn’t do anything until March and the following would have been the steps she would have taken.

Hillary would have treated the whole country like it was her child who had gotten sick.  She would have insisted the Doctors and Scientists find out as much as possible about Covid and how to beat it.  She would have called a meeting with all head officials in government to hear the findings from the Doctors and Scientists.  After a thorough examination of our status a collaboration of  ideas on how to proceed and learn what  China and Korea did?  With the prescription in hand she delegates to her staff to start the communications to prep the Governors as she looks for the makings for soup! She holds an emergency press conference and gives the general public the facts and what she proposes we do and how imperative it will be. She in a sense brings the soup for consumption before she puts the country to bed.  After retrieving dishes she would have gone to her office and consulted with the team to see what changes were needed to be put in place for future. Congress and  The Fed would be alerted of the plans. They would work as a team to ensure all states and constituents had what they needed or would soon.  As the  number of cases started to diminish talks of a new beginning begin. She would have encouraged businesses to change from going to office to working from home, schools would be able to return in the fall but until then home learning for now. The return to normalcy would be slow, like you were recovering from a bad flu, resting as much as possible and as your strength returns we slowly allow people to return to a new beginning. Stronger and grateful to have survived.

But alas, that’s not what happened !!!  We got, 

And found out we got a Father who is too busy making money to tend to his child and a virus has gone out of control.  But who am I, I’m just the Crazy Black Woman!!!